The Kenya National Academy of Sciences (KNAS) is a learned, non-political institution, which was founded on 2nd November 1983. The main function of KNAS is to cooperate and collaborate with the Government of Kenya, other scientific organizations, the scientific community and the general public in promoting the applications of scholarly/scientific knowledge and technology for national development.

KNAS promotes all fields of sciences, including humanities and technology.

The major objectives and purposes for which the Academy is established are:

  1. To promote the advancement of scientific and technological knowledge, establish and enhance standards of scientific and technological achievements in Kenya and to recognize outstanding contributions to ST&I.
  1. To establish and maintain association and relations between Kenyan scientists and the international scientific community.
  1. To publish and assist in the dissemination of scientific knowledge.
  1. To cooperate with the National Commission of Science, Technology and Innovation (NACOSTI) in the formulation of policies and programmes designed to encourage the development and application of science and technology for national development.
  1. To provide sound scientific advice to Government for effective policy formulation.
  1. To undertake all such other activities as may be consistent with the objectives of the Academy and in alignment with the constitution (2010) and Vision 2030.

The above objectives are realized through a wide range of activities such as publications, scientific meetings, public lecture series, Kenya Science Congress, research projects and consensus studies.

The past three decades have witnessed significant changes in the relationships and interactions between science, society and development. Notwithstanding these achievements, new challenges have emerged, which require innovative solutions by all professions including engineering, health, industrialization, agriculture and ICT.

Membership of the KNAS is open to Kenyan citizens of specified academic standing through application and subsequent election in accordance with the by-laws of the Academy.